Annual behavior of the condensation activity of submicron aerosol in the atmospheric surface layer of Western Siberia

Авторы: M.V. Panchenko, S.A. Terpugova, V.S. Kozlov,
V.V. Pol’kin, and E.P. Yausheva

We discuss the data of long-term measurements of the dependence of the submicron aerosol
scattering coefficient on relative humidity in the near-ground layer of the atmosphere carried out at
the Aerosol Monitoring Station of IAO SB RAS. To study the dynamics of the optical characteristics
under the effect of relative humidity, the approach was applied based on separate investigation of the
optical parameters of the dry matter of aerosol particles and their change when moistened. The
characteristic peculiarities of the annual behavior of the condensation activity of submicron aerosol
have been revealed. These peculiarities are stably observed from year to year. The effect of different
air masses in every season is analyzed. It is shown that the processes that govern the formation of the
principal optical characteristics of submicron aerosol are at least of a regional scale.

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Опубликована: 06.02.2015

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